Monday, April 9, 2012


...and we're back. Ha, I wish. In all honesty we've all grown past what this blog was intended for. Personally, I barely keep up with indie games any more, for reasons of interest and time. But, a real live indie game developer by the name of Christine was so kind as to inform me of her game that I felt I had to share.

SlimKicker is a brand new fitness app that helps you watch what you eat and motivate you to exercise. With a slick, simple interface SlimKicker is easy to navigate but is still robust in features. To start with, it provides a relatively simple and intuitive interface to track what you've eaten and what exercise you've done. It not only keeps a history of what you eat but also informs you of that food's nutritional properties and your total nutritional intake (and what your goal should be) for the day. Now, fitness apps are not rare, dieting has become a huge commercial market, but, SlimKicker isn't only a diet and exercise tracker it also adds goals and social media. With the ability to manage a profile, invite friends, and find new groups you never have to feel alone in your weight loss endeavors. You can also set goals for yourself or participate in group challenges.

The only troubles I've had sticking with this service are because of myself. Being in fraternity now most of my meals are home cooked by others, this means that they aren't typical foods on the list (or at least they were prepared differently) and I don't know precisely how they were made. Now, I could find out all this information and type it in to the "Make your own recipe" feature, which would be very easy for anyone preparing their own food, but I'm lazy and there really isn't any better way to do it. SlimKicker does all that it can to keep you going though, with points to level up everything is very satisfying, whether entering in what you ate that day, logging a well earned exercise or completing a challenge.

SlimKicker is definitely the service I'd use if I was serious about watching what I eat and losing some weight, which fortunately I may be doing this summer, so if I do end up using it more I'll come back with an update of how it worked. Besides that, there really isn't any reason for me to post any more. I guess it doesn't really matter, this blog hasn't updated in ages and I doubt it will be starting again any time soon. Either way, hopefully this will assist at least one or two people looking for weight loss help, and if you do start using it feel free to find me on SlimKicker @L23. Oh, and there's a SlimKicker mobile app too (for IOS).

Back to hibernation,