Wednesday, April 22, 2009

20cc's New Policy

I know I have yet to deliver that promised Prince of Persia review (that no one cares about 'cause the game's already been out half a year) but I've been very busy lately. Because I have basic pattern recognition abilities, I recognize that this isn't likely to change in the near future, so here's the deal:

In the coming month and a half or so, I have the SAT, NYSSMA, AP exam, finals, SAT IIs, and ACT. At some point in there, I have to open my summer house, and somehow avoid failing my classes in the mean time. What this means is that I hardly have time to hunt down every game on my list when Gamefly (unavoidably) fails to ship the right one. (Their latest feat has been to send me Fable 2, from LA, (the other side of the country) because they don't even have that in at my distribution center. It should be obvious that Fable 2 was not high on my list, but apparently they can't get a hold of anything from later than last October.) What this means to you, is that you're going to start seeing some holes in my publication schedule. I will try to keep getting games, and reviewing the ones I can, (and want to) but I can't promise they will be anything you'll give a shit about.

I will try hard to get back into a constant schedule as soon as possible, but that may not be until mid to late June, and even then it may be a bit off, since I'll be away from my video games and Internet almost every weekend, and some weeks. I assure you, however, I will be back.

Also, if any of you follow Abnormality, it will likely suffer even more, because I sure as hell won't have time to come up with good ideas for it. i don't feel quite as bad about that, however, because I never pretended to keep a schedule for it.

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