Tuesday, March 17, 2009

23 news: 3.17.09

So, I haven't done one of these in a while, so obviously there's some news, but most of the stuff I'm going to talk about probably took place within the past week (if not day). So, if you follow any other blog you've probably heard half of this but, don't leave yet, the other half should all be NEW STUFF you probably haven't heard (cause they're by smaller developers :P).

Behemoth releases trailer for new game: Behemoth, the developer of Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid (both very good games) has released a trailer (posted here) of a new, unnamed game they are in the very early stages of working. It kind of looks like a 2D platform/adventure version of Castle Crashes (with the same art style and hectic atmosphere). So check it out, looks pretty neat.

Flashbang starts work on their new game: Flashbang Studios, the developer of all things Blurst (many fun physics based games, including raptor safari, and their newest game Blush) has released a video of them talking about and demonstrating a prototype for their new game entitled "Crane Wars" (possibly a temporary title). So far this game is very early in the prototype phase and they're still working out the basics, but it sounds (and looks) like it's gonna be fun!

Steam now has DLC: Vavle's famous video game distribution program, Steam, officially announced and released Dowloadable Content (DLC) (and yes the L is just part of downloadable i guess). This isn't anything new to most console gamers (especially 360 and PS3), but for PC games this has yet to be implemented very well. Steam started it's DLC service with 2 extra levels for the new PC game The Maw. Hooray, now they can sell us games bit by bit!

Minor stuff:

Alex Austin posts a new video of No Quarter. Edmund McMillen posts some of the charecter design of the hero for Super Meat Boy, he also shows us a vid of his awesome birthday party and talks about some of the games which are degrading video games as an art (I'll probably talk about this later). Indiebird releases Pandora's Gear Box. The Escapist, GameSetWatch, and Braid Blog post some good interviews with developers. I find out about AWOMO, a game download service that lets you start playing before the game is folly downloaded, is still in beta (free tomb raider!). GameSetWatch does a cool opinion piece about the personalities in TF2. Jesse Venbrux (expect that interview up some time) goes to Japan, also, I hear he's working on a new Karoshi game...but don't expect it very soon, I think he doesn't have access to the internet for a while. 2D Boy posts a multi-part post production developer journal about World of Goo, check it out for a cool aspect of how it was built including downloadable prototypes!

Ok, that's it for 23 news this time. I'll post more if I find any, but meanwhile, check out that stuff!

P.S. Nameless mod for Dues Ex finally got released after 7 years, so if you have Dues Ex, get this mod!

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