Thursday, March 19, 2009

23 preview: Indie week on Steam?

So, I've noticed that Steam has been adding a bunch of indie games lately, as in within the past few days. Now, I also happened to notice that all these indies happen to be IGF finalists... (except for The Path, but that just got released.) Now, I'm not saying that I have any sort of inside info that hasn't really been reported yet... *winkwink* but it' definitely looking like Steam is getting friendly with the indies.

Now some of you probably haven't heard of IGF, so, I'll explain that now. IGF stands for the Independent Games Festival. IGF is an event where hundreds of indie games are submitted and only a few of them get picked out by some judges to get nominated for certain awards and then they announce the winners at the event which is held from March 23-27 in San Fransisco California (damn i really wish I could go). The judging has been criticized by many, so not everyone is happy, but the awards have some big fame and money attached to them, so this is a pretty big event. It's happened once a year and this is the 11th year. More info about the IGF here.

Ok, now for the real news. Steam is having a 50% off sale on Zeno Clash for 24 hours, so if you like first person hand-to-hand combat games go pre-order it now while it's $10, it looks great! Also expect some more IGF nominees to be posted soon, I sure do! Maybe Steam will officially announce this soon instead of being so subtle...

Oh, also, it's my birthday 3/23 and expect Coil to be on Steam within an hour or two...


  1. It certainly seems like Steam is trying to emulate XBL in several ways, including the XBLA-esque indie library. Maybe it's just me, but before this it was DLC, and before that, achievements. Seem coincidental?

  2. Well, XBLA is a digital distributor, so is Steam. XBLA does what they do pretty well, so Steam is taking a page out of their book and bringing decent DLC to PC. Also the indie thing is probably a deal struck up with IGF, it's always good to have a digital distributor selling indies cause it gets the word out and increases their library. So basically, they're just trying to be good at what they do, and succeeding.

  3. hey, look who was right, Steam just announced their indie game sale and Coil ended up getting posted earlier today. woohoo, now lets hope this increases indie game popularity and our viewership!