Monday, January 19, 2009

BoltAction: Intro and Warhammer Online

For all of you who know me, the vulture flies not when the cafe is unoccupied, so bring a deck of cards. And for those of you who don't know me, I'm BoltAction, lover, gamer, senator, postal worker. As to my gaming tastes, I enjoy good roleplaying games, strategy games of all varieties, engaging puzzle games, and anything new and interesting. My approach to reviewing is as follows: video games are like lovers. Each has her own distinct personality, complete with convictions, mannerisms, and faults, some lovable, some less so. Almost all are worth meeting, and many an enjoyable afternoon or weekend can be spent on them, but only a few will really jive, commandeering thoughts and devouring time, energy, and, often, money. Thus, I will present games with a list of vital stats, and a more in-depth paragraph describing overall feel and personality.

That said:
Warhammer Online, Age of Reckoning (WOAoR)
Hair: Dark brown, mid-back length
Eyes: Hazel, red w/contacts, or black-rimmed glasses
Skin: Pale European
Body: Thin but strong
General Appearance: Mousiness and innocent appearance belie a dark beauty and violent sexuality
Turn-Ons: Wrestling, good music, storms
Turn-Offs: Sickness, poorly-written poetry, primness
Favorite Sex Position: Against the wall of a scalding shower
Kids?: Ugh - not even thinking about it until after I finish my BA

Personality: Though WOAoR resembles WOW on an artificial level, those that know her cringe at the comparison. Her intellect is better developed, and her tastes more mature. She enjoys competing with her lovers, and seeing them compete, but always on a friendly level. As content to be a lover as "one of the guys," WOAoR nevertheless takes herself more seriously than WOW. Her art is more intense, her stories more compelling, and her attention more demanding of cleverness and sensitivity. She's good at making a guy, even one with little experience, feel comfortable with her, and makes sure her other lovers treat him with respect and companionship. She never loses sight of the fact that guys hang out with her to have fun, but when asked if she'd like a more permanent and committed relationship, she responds with a resounding "Lemme think about it." WOAoR is a complex person, but one who neither needs to understand everyone else, nor seeks to remain incomprehensible.
Good For: Friendly competition, mental stimulation, fun, "summer love"
Not So Good For: Long-term attachment, passion, your wallet

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