Friday, January 23, 2009

GERARDAMO on: Windows 7 (Beta is clearly some strange accent on Better)

So I installed the Beta for Windows 7 on my computer today after being infinitely frustrated at Vista constantly crashing on me while I was working on important documents. Yes, I still heart Windows. Anyway, this clearly was the logical thing for me to do, because nothing says stable upgrade like running the Beta version of a Windows OS! (Sarcasm for those who can't hear my tone through text.) I have to say, I think it's damn fantastic software. 

First, oh my god, my computer is running so much faster now. I have 4 gigs of RAM and even that struggled with Vista and all of it's resource eating. Yes, Windows 7 still has about 60 processes running in the background, but... It works.

Second, it sure is tidy. All the shortcut icons in the right-hand corner of the screen have all been brought into a neat little hidden window that only pops up when you need it too, and the number of times Windows lets you know that it needs to download a patch to add a new font to that version of Office that you aren't using has been reduced to almost none. The only complaint I have about it is my lazy-ass sometimes doesn't want to open that little window to exit out of AIM. But definitely an upgrade from Vista's constant nagging. Actually, speaking of nagging, one of the best features I've noticed that was removed from Vista was the "Are you sure you want to delete this empty folder? Really? Are you really sure? You're probably gonna want to be an administrator to authorize such a dramatic change. Really? Really? REEEEEEALLLLLLLY?" feature. Yes, that's right, that random .txt document that's cluttering your desktop can now be removed hassle-free. 

The one feature I was somewhat skeptical about was the WindowSX taskbar. Instead of having a nice, sleek, little bar at the bottom of the screen, you have a somewhat larger one with icons that are locked onto it. They are run by clicking them from there, and the only way you are made aware that they are running is the glow that appears around them. Sound like a certain OSX? Well, yeah. They're pretty similar. However, you can see what you have running in a program group much like you could in older versions of Windows just by highlighting the icons in the taskbar. I have to say, I like it a lot. It gives the computer a much more organized feel, and it lets you open other programs without having to go back to the desktop. (The button for that has also been placed in the far right hand corner, allowing for easier access, unlike its awkward positioning next to the Start button in Vista.) Not to mention, this ability to minimize Windows and have them become practically unknown is especially nice when certain nosy people are looking in your taskbar when you're... Say... Streaming pornography.

Er... What?

Windows 7 is essentially what Windows Vista was supposed to be, actually providing useful features instead of just a facelift (Though Windows 7 IS gorgeous). There are lots of little features that I haven't gotten into yet, like a Device Station that lets you know what device is plugged in (Though why wouldn't you know that already?) and the features of that device. I know I'll definitely be getting the final version of this when it's released, and I would highly recommend that anyone reading this download a copy of the Beta themselves at Microsoft's site.

Seriously? It's

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  1. I'm very interested in 7, especially being a fan of OSX, but I'm tentative to install a beta. I'll have to take a look at it during school tomorrow. Also I don't suppose you've run any heavy games have you?