Tuesday, January 27, 2009

23 news: 1.27.09

So, i figured that i should do a wrap-up of some of the news in the indie gaming world. These posts might be weekly, maybe monthly, or maybe just whenever I feel like it... But I felt that I should keep all you up to date on the new stuff, as well as introducing you to the good stuff. Anyway here's some news from the past, oh, i don't know, lets say... month:

Edmund announces Super Meat Boy: Edmund McMillen (creator of Gish, and various other good games) finally officially announces Super Meat Boy for PC and WiiWare. Although the news of this game has been floating around the internet for a while, Edmund gives the official press release, as well as the official website/blog.
Original Meat Boy, Official press release, Official Website

Nabi announces Toribash for the Wii: Toribash, the first game I reviewed here, is finally coming to a console. Toribash has been around for a while, always with an active community, but it's always stayed on the computer, but now you'll soon be able to download it from Nintendo's WiiWare channel on the Wii. (lets hope it's free!)
Blog post, YouTube Vid

IGF mobile finalists are announced: IGF (Independent Gaming Festival) has been around for a long time (pretty much as long as indie games), and every year (since 1999) IGF has had an indie games competition, picking the best of the year (and nominees) in various categories. They have the main section, for official developers with finished and unfinished games (not always on PC), the student section, for gaming design students who's games are for class projects (like Toblo), and a couple years ago they introduced IGF mobile.
IGF main site, 2009 finalists, 2009 student finalists, and 2009 mobile finalists

Pixeljam and Cactus get a new sites: Pixeljam Games (makers of Dinorun, and some pretty cool music), as well as Cactus Software (the very strange maker of Clean Asia! as well as a wide variety of other oddities), have both renovated their websites. While this is nothing too ground breaking, these are some great developers you should check out, and Pixeljam has some really great music free to download!
Pixeljam Games, and Cactus Software

I make my own blog: Ok, ok, I realize that's a bit of shameless self promotion, but if any of you want to see some more about indie games, the internet, and me, feel free to check it out (and maybe subscribe...). It's in it's infancy, so it's even smaller than anyButton, but I plan on doing daily updates.
23's Personal Blog

Okay, so that about wraps it up right now, I might add more later if I remember. Hope you're almost as excited as I am! Expect my review of Lugaru (and Black Shades) to be up soon (as well as maybe a little chit-chat with the developers...)


Blurst announces Blush: The indie game developer Blurst (run/owned(?) by Flash Bang Studios) announces a new, more serious game, entitled Blush. The gameplay looks like it still has to be worked out, but the main concept and art seems to be there already. They already released their first video and it looks great. With Blurt's physics engine this looks like it will be a very nice game. Anyway check out the vid and Blurts' other stuff (which is a little high end, so, be prepared if it laggs on a crappy computer.)
Announcement with video

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