Saturday, January 17, 2009

23 reviews: Toribash

First I would like to say that my reviews will be coming majorly in two forms; reviews of individual games and reviews of indie game companies. Also, expect more than just reviews, I'm planning on doing top 23's, news, and, well, whatever else I decide on. Enjoy:

Name: Toribash

Author: Hampa of Nabi Software

Version: 3.96

Platform: Windows, Mac, Power PC (old mac), and Linux

Price: Free!

Players: 1-2



If most video games are mindless violence, then Toribash is mindful violence. Toribash is a free turn based hand-to-hand fighting game between two controllable rag doll models. As far as I know there is no other game like it; the unique play style and graphics set it apart from the rest. The game play is based on two roughly human shaped models contracting, extending, and relaxing their 20 muscles to deal damage to the other character; see a game play video and it'll all make sense. Toribash is playable either offline versus another controllable dummy (basicly just playing against yourself or a rag doll, although there is an AI possibility, which isn’t especially smart), or online versus a live person. The online matches, 1 vs 1, are played through servers of usually between 2-10 people. Other players wait in the queue watching the games; every match the next person in line gets to play the winner (or there’s a rematch if there’s a tie). Some of these servers are organized into ranks, so while you’re a noob you will be pitted against other noobs, even though you will probably advance through the ranks fairly quickly, reaching the semi pro level, if you play often.

Toribash also features a very large mod database (mod is a general term to refer to a modification of the game, usually to make the game slightly different while maintaining the same basic gameplay). Mod matches can also be done online, but only if a server is hosting one, or you create one that uses a mod and people actually join. This game has a decent user base from all around the world, whom you can communicate with through the text chat while waiting in the queue, or out of game through the toribash forums. There's enough players to be available when you want to play, but also few enough not to keep you waiting in line all day.

I highly advise this game, although it does have a fairly steep learning curve (which can be slightly lessened if you use the ingame tutorial and the toribash online wiki) and not everyone will love it, but once you know how to play it is really fun to pick up for either a few minutes or a few hours. With a nifty rank and point system, which earns you “credits” to buy model characterization either through the in-game store, or the website hosted free market. So give this game a download, take some time to learn how to play it right, do some cool moves, join clans, and pwn noobs, or if you don't feel like playing online you can just mess around and perfect your technique offline.

Oh, also, you can save all your matches as replays, the game comes with a list of hundreds of replays for you to see the awesome stuff u can do in toribash, the game also comes with hundreds of mods, oh and did I mention thats it's all FREE?!

P.S. Turn on the damn shaders!!! (if your computer can handle it)


  1. Nice review man, i appreciate people spreading the toribash word ;)

  2. People like Toribash! So far we've gotten one comment from another blogger (as seen above) and some coverage on the Toribash forums ( yey :D Let's hope our blog keeps spreading!