Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Welcome to anyButton

Hello everyone and welcome to anyButton, a casual reviewing blog for video games, movies, and whatever else we feel like reviewing. We have three authors, 20cc, 23 and GERARDAMO, with different areas of expertise. If you're expecting updates on a regular schedule, I'm afraid you will be disappointed, but on the occasions when we put something up, we hope you'll enjoy.
We aren't professionals or true hardcore gamers. Our intent is more to present a layman's review page, with reviews that will be interesting and amusing for any with a general understanding of the topic.

23 focuses his reviews on independant and underground games that can be found online cheap or free. These games range from amusing time-wasters to in depth games that can provide endless entertainment for any audience.

GERARDAMO is interested mostly in JRPGs. His collumns will cover more obscure titles, as well as some classics.

20cc has the most general interests. His reviews will tackle most mainstream games and movies. The games will mostly be those that can be found for rent, however, since he is cheap.

Of course none of these roles are concrete, and the main guidline is "whatever we feel like doing."



  1. Hey, your first post. :) I'll keep track man. Sounds like fun. Not a big gamer myself, but my brother talks about them enough that I do pick up some stuff. ;) See ya in French.

    (Haha, I got first comment. :P )

  2. I don't play games as much as I used to, but I'm pretty in with the DS and Wii Homebrew scene. I'll also use this space to shamelessly promote Supersonic Wii, a homebrew game that I'm working on with a friend.