Saturday, February 21, 2009

20cc is ripping off 23

Sorry I haven't posted much lately. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, I've had Saints Row 2 instead of F.E.A.R. 2, so I haven't been able to review it as planned. I may actually review Sainsts Row 2, late as it is, and I'm currently contemplating whether I should wait and return it later, or pay Gamefly's keep it price, and just get F.E.A.R. 2 now.

Either way, I haven't had time to write that review yet, and will hopefully have it done for next week. By the time I'm caught up on all this, Watchmen will be out, and I'll be able to review that.

What this is really about, is that I've taken a leaf from 23's book and started my own side project, for more trivial news and rants. Don't worry, I'm not abandoning aB. I've just realized that with the stream of good new games so thin, it would be nice to be able to write about some other stuff. However, alot of that stuff might not be apropriate for aB. Therefore, it seemed logical to make a little room on the side, so at least I'll be able to keep writing on a regular basis.

So check it out if you've got the time. It should be amusing, if nothing else. I'll be back next week.

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