Sunday, February 22, 2009

GERARDAMO did it first

Hi all. I took the week off, so that's why there was no Game of the Week this week. I didn't even play much of any new games this week either, because I didn't even get Cooking Mama from Gamefly until yesterday. It's not that I wanted to get Cooking Mama, I wanted to return it for bikinis and zombies. Alas, my week off is over, and next week I'll be providing you with more games that you don't remember.

Just so I don't feel left out, I too have my own personal blog over on LiveJournal, and if stereotypes on content you find on LJ are true, I highly suggest that you stay away from my personal blog. It's private, so you're going to have to add me as a friend to read it, and it's important to know that because if you don't, you'll I haven't updated it since last May with a post that's rather silly. So, yes. I have one, too, but I'm going to leave it up to the readers to find it on their own, mostly because I don't want them to. (Trust me, it'll be SO hard because I totally don't use the same name as my username on every website and as my Gamertag and PSN name and like everything else. SARCASM OVERLOAD!)

In regards to the "personal" blog I have here, those were just a few copy and pastes of my less angsty LJ entries. I gave up on it.

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