Sunday, February 1, 2009

23 updates: A New Zero

Yesterday Cryptic Sea released a new version of A New Zero, version 0.74. The main features of this version are no towers, option for player control of turrets, and added support for penalties and removing team killing. Lack of towers is a bit annoying cause now people can just run in and bomb your base. They definitely are on there way to making a great multiplayer game, and I suggest you try it out, even if your computer isn't the best, you can turn off the fancy graphics, and the installer is less then 1mb. Be careful though, I have noticed a glitch in some computers where when you try to run the game it just restarts your computer, but try it out, and if it does, oh well, see if you can play it on a different PC.

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  1. this is my fan site for the game. Also if you hit tab you can bring up the scoreboard. F8 does screen shots, F7 for refresh rate in milliseconds, F2 to change controls.