Tuesday, February 24, 2009

23 keeps current: 21 Prototypes

Jesse Venbrux, maker of the Karoshi series (as well as other good, but less famous games), started a project last week called 21 Prototypes. His plan is to spend an hour a day to create one prototype. That includes thinking up the game, programming it, and making sure it's playable. So far he has 8 days worth with 1 or 2 a day (after the first couple days). So far I've been pretty impressed with what he can do in one hour, and my favorite fun prototype is 5_1 (the transporting box/ball one) and the most artfull one is 4_1 (the one about long distance relationships).

Expect an interview soon that's composed over some of my conversations over the net with Venbrux over the past couple weeks. So, stay tuned with that project for some neat little ideas and check out the rest of his games for some more lengthy and meaningfull enjoyment.

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