Thursday, February 12, 2009

23 optimizes: Google Analytics

So, I decided to add Google Analytic to anyButton. What this mean is that I can count the view count, by day, how many unique visitors, where they're from, what pages they visit and so much more. I know this seems kinda creepy, but it reveals no personal information about our readers and helps us recognize how popular the site is. So, if you have a site and want to track some info I suggest to check it out, also, while I'm promoting Google I might as well mention GMail, Google Reader, and, of course, blogspot.

Anyway expect some more interviews and reviews to be posted soon, I do like to stay on our front page :P. Expect interviews of Nicklas Nygren, Jesse Venbrux, Hampa from Toribash, and Edmund McMillen (Some of his stuff is NSFW), and reviews of some of their games within the coming weeks!

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  1. And how might the rest of us go about accessing it?