Saturday, February 7, 2009


Actually, that title refers to the wrong console. Remember how Rare mentioned unlocking avatar clothing a la achievements? Well, maybe you don't want to work for your clothes. Maybe the developers don't actually feel like making those clothes, either. Wouldn't you rather make your own Master Chief outfit? (No.)

Now Rare is talking about adding user-made content to the wardrobe of your avatar. Art head of Rare Lee Musgrave added to this, "Creativity is going to play a big part in the development of the Avatars."

Oh, Avatars. We'll find practicality in you yet!

Story by VG247. Full story available here

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  1. Just for your information, if you're saying "a la" something, you need a grave accent over the first "a," as in "à la." Of course really what you said doesn't even make sense if you translate it. Also, why? Why would anyone want this? Furthermore why would anyone care?