Friday, February 13, 2009

23 news: 2.13.09

Here's some news, all indie, that I've seen lately (mostly today). Anyway, hope you find it informative and interesting!

ThatGameCompany releases Flower: ThatGameCompany (yes, that's really their name), makers of flOw, released a very unique and tranquill game yesterday (2/12) name Flower (you might have seen this on GERARDAMO's release date list) for the PSN (Playstation 3's downloadable content). This game looks beautiful, and so far has had fairly good ratings. I personally would like to see ThatGameCompany do more for PC and Wii, but that might just be because I don't have a PS3.

Plain Sight's beta extended: Plain Sight, an indie game made by Beatnik Games, has decided to extend their open beta testing for just a little bit longer. I highly advise grabbing up this game (even if it is a beta) before they take it off-line (or however they decide to close the beta). Plain Sight is a 3rd person action game with robots and points and blowing yourself up, so, really, there's no reason not to try it!

Half-Life 2 gets an indie live action series: Purchase Brothers have made the one thing all Half Life 2 fans have been waiting for (well, other than Half Life 3 and their own companion cube). Anyway I'll embed it below, because really, for a $500 budget for the first to episodes (according to escapist), it's really amazing. I admit the gun fights could have been a little better, but really the special effects and filming are amazing, so, just click the play button!

"Violent" computer games can help with fire safety: According to Science Daily people have actually realized you can mod Half Life, who woulda thunk it! Seriously though, researchers are starting to use FPS's such as Half Life 2, CS:S, F.E.A.R, Doom 3, and more for use in training fire fighters and civilians for dangerous fire situations. Anyway, I'm glad these games are being used for more than entertainment, I think education in any field could vastly improve by implementing some of the numerous technologies available (I'll probably end up talking about virtual reality and improved computer interactivity in the class room in a later post). Anyway here's the citation, to make us look all official n' stuff:
Durham University. "Violent Computer Games Have Role In Fire Safety." ScienceDaily 13 February 2009. 13 February 2009 /releases/2009/02/090203192427.htm>.

Expect more links to be added within a couple days as well as maybe a couple more stories if I find anything

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  1. dood...dood dood dood dood gotta interview those purchase guys. I'm standing here praising them because I want to know how they made that for only $500. This is something to be looked into.